What is the Mobius Theory Manifesto?

What exactly is Mobius Theory?

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I formally began Mobius Theory in 2017 and had my first local pop-up shop in Downtown Memphis in July 2017. At the time, I had a vague sense of what Mobius Theory was, or what I wanted it to become. I had an overly complex way to describe in my head the backstory I created--a space station that exists far in the future that serves as a resort for travelers to visit to get away from their busy lives.

I thought it would be something subtle and, quite frankly, not that important in the grand scheme of things. The clothes and designs might speak for themselves and I could get away with not having to explain any of that. 

But when I started to do more and more festivals and markets, interacting with countless people who would come into the booth, I realized that the first thing people would ask was "What is the Mobius Theory?" I knew, and hoped, that the name would be interesting, but I underestimated how much people cared to know, and how much they needed to hear a good reason.

So since a complex story doesn't suffice in a busy market, especially in the Memphis heat, I had to cut to the chase and talk about the esoteric side of Mobius Theory. With the help of my wife Amanda, who came on right away as my much needed CEO, we came up with a cohesive description of what we are all about.


Sometimes the description mattered, and sometimes it didn't. A lot of customers just "got it". So what was it that they "got"?

In a nutshell, Mobius Theory is about duality, balance, and imagination. As adults living in the 21st century, we have lost some of the wonder we held as children. Even many children are stripped of the freedom to explore and enjoy carefree days.

The Mobius Theory is about prioritizing play, fun, and experimentation as much as work. My wife and I believe it is crucial to maintain a balanced life and we owe it to our health to see both sides of this strip at once.

Design-wise, everything we create has multiple meanings in some way. My vision for the Mobius Theory brand is that it can appeal to people that live in Memphis, have visited the city, or have no experience with the city at all, because there is something they see in the product regardless of where they are. That's my hope, anyway: to serve Memphis and the Galaxy with our own perspective on life.

This is what led to the creation of a short manifesto that helps visitors understand a little bit more about the story. It also helps me stay on the right trajectory with the brand, and holds me accountable so that I can live my life the way it can be lived aboard this space station in the future.

The docking bay.

The docking bay.

So what is the Mobius Theory Manifesto, anyway?

Remember when we believed in monsters?

We stared into the night sky and saw that everything was possible. We saw darkness; we also saw stars.

We were afraid of monsters, yet it was within our capacity to battle them. It was within our power to win.

Let us rekindle that potent and limitless imagination we had as children so that we do not become the monsters we once feared.

Together, we will once again journey to the stars.

Who is Mobius Theory for? And why a space station? 


Mobius Theory is for anyone that wishes to think a little differently about life, about where they live, and about what they believe they can contribute to their home. Although Mobius Theory is established in Memphis, the method of expression is one that I hope will reach people around the entire country, world, and galaxy.

Mobius Theory's fiction is set in the distant future because that is a moment in time we cannot comprehend, free from the implications of our current world and environment. I think that by setting this scene, we can be liberated to explore what life would be like in such a fantastic, futuristic realm. We would no longer be contained by our daily routines or cultures. Kind of like going on a vacation to a far off resort with no access to communication.

It is Mobius Theory's vision that cultures, spirituality, and cities continue to become so diverse and undefinable that we would no longer see boundaries and borders, but rather a fluid mesh of humanity that borrows from each other and supports each other, free to look into the stars and regain the imagination we once had as children.