March Meet the Maker | Pilot Episode of VLOG and Podcast


Welcome to Episode Zero of The Mobius Theory Show!

This episode is a video selfie of me breaking down Mobius Theory as quickly as I can using the #marchmeetthemaker format. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, many artists are following this challenge put forth by Joanne Hawker using her predefined daily prompts to answer 31 questions, one per day, on Instagram.

The prompts that I go through in this video/podcast are:

  • Favorite to make

  • How you started

  • Flatlay

  • Tools

  • Detail

  • Full or Part Time

  • Less Glam Side

  • Product Range

  • Story behind name

  • You

  • Reducing Waste

  • Hands at work

  • Photography

  • How I learned

  • Motivation Goals

  • Workspace

  • What I am working on

  • Mistakes and Lessons

  • Dream Collaboration

  • Design Process

  • Throwback

  • Proud of

  • Top advice

  • Customers Feedback

  • How It’s Made

  • Self Care

  • Anything goes

  • Packaged

  • Most Difficult Make

  • Support

  • Product in Use

So I didn’t want to do this all on Instagram because I thought it was a good way to supplement some of the Business Planning I did for Mobius Theory back in January. This was a time where I basically tweaked, refined, and recreated the taglines, manifesto, mission statement, and my “why”. Doing the Meet The Maker prompts seemed the perfect way to test this all out and made sure it made sense for myself, and as a byproduct kickstart this VLOG/podcast called The Mobius Theory Show.

So there you have it. Video is below, followed by the audio-only podcast. And be sure to subscribe to both the YouTube channel and the Podcast. This is just the beginning. Enjoy!



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The intro music is used by permission from The Switchblade Kid. If you liked what you heard, check out the Bandcamp page for the full catalog.

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