How Much Is That Logo In The Window? | Episode #002 VLOG and Podcast


How Much Should You Expect To Pay When You Need A Logo?

I get this question a lot in recent months. So much so that I thought I should take a few moments to record a quick video and podcast about it. I encourage you to listen not only because I go into some detail, but also because I would love your feedback on anything I said.

I admit my methods are subjective, but I tried to reference a lot of stories and experiences from many other designers I have talked to about this. One thing I didn’t do in the podcast is suggest that the designer’s experiences and training are all part of what you pay for. While that is true to an extent, that doesn’t help change the culture of placing a higher value on something as abstract as artwork or a logo.

Instead, what I want to do is present value for that logo. The first and most important thing is the idea that designers shouldn’t be selling logos at all. They should be focusing on a branding experience for a client. But a logo is what people jump to when they come calling, so it’s important to steer the conversation into the overall package.

That package includes various shape formats, file formats (including vector images), typeface selections, color schemes, and more.

I know some potential clients will think that they are not FedEx or Target. They don’t need “all that”. They just need a logo so they can open up shop on their website or sell some service. They’ll say…

Just tell me how much a logo costs!

Well, anywhere from $100-250 if you are working with a solo freelance designer in the United States (or Europe, just swap that out for Euros).

And expect their work to take anywhere from 10-20 hours. So for the designers, if the client thinks up to 20 hours of work is not worth that kind of money, then that’s where the education comes in. Or just simply walk away.

A logo isn’t something anyone can quickly draw up a half hour after meeting you. At least, it shouldn’t, not if they are doing their due diligence.

I go into some detail with this on the video and podcast, but just from a technical perspective, there is a certain amount of time it takes to produce the formats you will need for your logo. And trust me, one way or another, you will need those formats.

Then, since we are all human and a logo is an intimately complex piece of art, it can’t be generated on the fly. It will take some back and forth with the client, frequent communication, test runs, lots of ideas, and a few revisions if the designer includes those in their rates. Those things also all take time.

I will say that all this is based on some strong assumptions about the designer and the client. The prices can vary wildly depending on the scope of your business and the experience and fame of the designer you are working with.

However the important thing I wanted to say with this episode is that this is the absolute BARE MINIMUM you should expect to pay. Any less, and… well, you get what you pay for.



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