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Our store currently features Bella+Canvas and Next Level brand garments. Mobius Theory exclusively relies on t-shirt and garment manufacturers that:

  • are sweatshop-free
  • use responsible sourcing
  • use fair labor practices
  • uphold high retail quality standards in their manufacturing

We believe this makes the world a slightly better place while also producing a super quality garment. Visit our About page for more info. 

Stay tuned for more styles and designs coming later this year, or sign up for the Mobius Theory Newsletter to get updates as soon as they hit the site. 




The Harahan Bridge, aka Big River Crossing, is a cantilevered through truss bridge that carries two rail lines and a pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi River. Its longest span is 791 feet, and its total length is 4,973 feet. The cantilever bridge design is very unique, much like the city of Memphis. The bridge is made up of structural components that, on their own, would not be strong or functional. These deeply interconnected pieces are made functional once they are working
together in harmony, strong enough to carry countless loads, yet beautiful enough to shine in the night sky. 

Much like Memphis, and humanity as a whole.

The Memphis Superstructure design is Mobius Theory’s tribute to the city of Memphis, its rich history, and all of the people in it. It is our hope that this shirt can inspire those not only within the city but anyone around the galaxy.