Dexter's Daily Planner Pad

Dexter's Daily Planner Pad

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When we looked at a lot of daily planners out there, we realized they just made us crazy. We did not like our days being hyper-filled to the minute with schedules and meetings and errands. 

Then it hit us. We don't need help being busy and productive. In fact, busy culture is an epidemic and is likely ruining our lives. So we tasked Dexter, our cat, to design a daily planner that allowed for actual balanced living. What does an idea day look like? How do we avoid the busy trap? 

The solution was a planner that encouraged play as much as work. This planner also realizes that not every day is going to be the same for every person. And more importantly, not every day is the same for any of us!

Some days you feel like a go-get-em tiger, and sometimes your energy levels keep you on the couch all day, just like Dexter. Not only are both acceptable, but they are both crucial to a well-balanced life, especially in our busy, information-overload culture. 

This tear-away pad measures 5.5" by 8.5" and has a color cover with 30 black and white interior sheets featuring the daily planner design. It has a cardboard back. This pad is made for daily use as needed, using and tearing away each sheet individually.

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This pad is made up of 30 tear-away sheets for daily use, with a color cover sheet.

This is not a journal or notebook, but rather designed to be individual sheets that can be used, folded, carried, and recycled when you are done with it.