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Clifford Hartleigh Low

Clifford Hartleigh Low is an accomplished practitioner of several schools of magic for thirty-five years, and holds a B.A. in Psychology from NYU. He has spent fifteen years researching Medieval and Renaissance astrological magic, and grimoires like the Picatrix. Merging his interest in dark aesthetics with deep study of historical materials, he is an outspoken proponent of wealth magic, weather magic, healing magic, tarot and black magic. His extremely diverse influences include Hoodoo, Kabbalah, and Greco-Roman Magic. In the mid-1990s founded the groundbreaking The Familiar Spirit BBS and; the latter being the oldest magic-related website operating. He coined the term “Dark Paganism” during the same period. A former promoter and DJ, he sometimes enjoys throwing lavish parties..

Louis Sanchez

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Bonnie Martinez

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