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Where Am I?

Mobius Theory is the name of a fictitious space station orbiting Earth in the year 2917, approximately 900 years from our present day. The brand Mobius Theory represents the legal and commercial counterpart to this space station and its philosophy. This entity designs and sells various original products, including t-shirt designs, journals, and games, based on the Mobius Theory manifesto.

The legal entity is based in Memphis, Tennessee.


What is the Mobius Theory?

Mobius Theory is about duality, balance, and imagination. As adults living in the 21st century, we have lost some of the wonder we held as children. Even many children are stripped of the freedom to explore and enjoy carefree days. The Mobius Theory is about prioritizing play, fun, and experimentation as much as work. It is crucial to maintain a balanced life and we owe it to our health to see both sides of this strip at once.

Mobius Theory represents the twist between light and darkness, reason and imagination, the inclusive and the exclusive.  Everything about what we create has multiple meanings and uses. We believe life is curiously complex but we can use that to our advantage by having a positive attitude and by being versatile.

Even decisions such as the brand of t-shirt we use for our designs is carefully considered. Our store currently features Bella+Canvas and Next Level brand garments. Mobius Theory exclusively relies on t-shirt and garment manufacturers that: 

  • are sweatshop-free

  • use responsible sourcing

  • use fair labor practices

  • uphold high retail quality standards in their manufacturing

These brands are firmly committed to a very high quality product that is also ethically and responsibly made. These are ideals that we believe strongly in and are the foundation of what Mobius Theory stands for. 

We decided very early on that if we were going to create products that we would want to wear ourselves. Mobius Theory is committed to producing very high quality items that will make you look great and feel great. Whether you have a wardrobe of 5 t-shirts or 500, we want your garments to last (and bring you joy) as long as possible. 

What is the Manifesto?

Remember when we were invincible? 

A long time ago, we walked like giants among towers and mountains, our imagination unleashed as we played games that defined us. We believed in monsters. 

It was within our capacity to battle them. It was within our power to win. 

Life became unpleasant and difficult because we were forced to choose between beauty and darkness, reason and inspiration. We thrived in the absence of duality, forgetting that words carry many meanings. 

We must rediscover our potent and mysterious desires. We must resist the urge to explain them to others, or to ourselves. We must once again walk proudly among mountains and become that which defines us.

We must not become the monsters we once feared.

Copyright © 2017 Andy Torres / Mobius Theory

Who is Mobius Theory for? 

Mobius Theory is for anyone that wishes to think a little differently about life, about where they live, and about what they think they can contribute to their home. Although Mobius Theory is established in Memphis, the method of expression is one that we hope will reach people around the entire galaxy.

Mobius Theory's fiction is set in the very distant future because that is a moment in time we cannot comprehend, free from the implications of our current world and environment. We are so liberated to explore what life would be like in such a fantastic, futuristic realm that we would no longer be contained by our daily routines or cultures. It is Mobius Theory's hope that cultures, spirituality, and cities are so diverse and undefinable that we would no longer see boundaries and borders, but rather a fluid and blurred mesh of humanity that borrows from each other, supports each other, free to look into the stars and regain the imagination we once had as children.

Who started Mobius Theory?

Andy Torres is the Owner and Creative Director of Mobius Theory. Andy is a graphic and web designer, digital artist, techno and 80s DJ, fiction.comic book/video game writer. Andy also loves to explore cities, especially his home of Memphis, Tennessee. He finds joy in the surreal and the curious aspects of life and art and wishes to bring this unique approach to the Mobius Theory brand. 

Who is Andy?

A true artist, Andy Torres thrives in low-structure environments. While he has learned the value of scheduling some free time, now that he works from home, he never did his best work in the traditional school or corporate environments. 

That’s why being his own boss has been so rewarding. Not only has it allowed him to set the terms of how and when he works, it also allows him to choose they kinds of projects he gets to work on.

Andy’s favorite projects tend to involve a mix of the creative and strategic. While corporate IT jobs generally left him feeling depressed and unfulfilled, there were exceptions, especially when he got to work for small start-ups, such as Kate Spade, back when they were still working out of a single small office in NYC. Andy loved the feel of the small, bustling office and getting to see Kate Spade build trust with its customers and harness the power of community to grow into the national chain it is today. 

After moving away from NYC, Andy lived and worked odd jobs in places like New Orleans and Miami before finally settling in Memphis a few years ago. While traditional IT roles bored him because of their lack of opportunities for creativity, he found a release for his creative side by starting a website with his
wife, Amanda, that chronicled their journeys to good health, including some of Amanda’s own healthy recipes.

That has grown into the recent release of Amanda’s first print cookbook and Andy’s own endeavor: Mobius Theory. Now Andy is channeling his (somewhat bumpy) background as inspiration to build his own business, which in addition to giving him the freedom to express himself creatively, also gives him a chance to do what he has always most loved doing: help people.


What did you miss?

Depending on who are you and what you are looking to accomplish, you may have missed quite a bit.

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